14 Proven Nutrients Formulated To Assist with Blood Sugar Balancing


Blood Sugar Balancer #1: Cinnamon

Diabetics have been using cinnamon for years as a natural way to control blood sugar levels. Studies show that cinnamon – in healthy, pre-diabetics, and diabetics – may lower blood sugar levels in the body.

Blood Sugar Balancer #2: Gymnema Sylvestre 

Native to the tropical forests of India and Sri Lanka, this herb yields a very sweet taste when chewed raw. Its power for promoting healthy blood sugar levels fall in its ability to activate beta cells in the pancreas. Some studies suggest this powerful herb may also help increase the production of insulin, therefore lowering your blood sugar levels.

Blood Sugar Balancer #3: Banaba 

This ancient blood sugar balancer has been used in the Philippines for centuries as a treatment for diabetes. Studies show Banaba contains a potent chemical – corosolic acid – which could prevent the breakdown of sucrose (sugar) in the body, effectively lowering blood sugar levels.

Blood Sugar Balancer #4: Bitter Melon 

Studies show bitter melon may improve the production and secretion of insulin, perfect for supporting your body in balancing blood sugar.

Blood Sugar Balancer #5: Guggul 

This potent tree resin does double-duty for your health, because it’s primarily been used to lower cholesterol AND has shown potential to decrease plasma insulin levels and improve your glucose tolerance.

Blood Sugar Balancer #6: Chromium Picolinate 

Shown to help shatter insulin resistance and improve glucose (sugar) metabolism.

Blood Sugar Balancer #7: Licorice Extract 

Not to be confused with the candy, licorice extract has been shown to reduce blood sugar as well as reduce sugary cravings. Studies show it may also reduce blood sugar levels, insulin levels, and fat levels in people with metabolic syndrome.

Blood Sugar Balancer #8: Yarrow 

Studies with diabetics show Yarrow may lower elevated blood sugar and preserve glycogen levels. Additional research suggests it may also reduce oxidative stress in the pancreas.

Blood Sugar Balancer #9: Cayenne Pepper 

Got this in your kitchen already? Cayenne has been used for years to ignite weight loss. One study showed that a meal with a mix of carbohydrates and capsaicin (an active component of chili peppers) lowered both blood sugar AND plasma insulin levels. This lowering effect is thought to be due to the ability of cayenne to increase the tissue’s sensitivity to insulin

Blood Sugar Balancer #10: Juniper Berry 

Used for a number of different ailments and conditions for many years. Studies show this potent berry may increase the utilization of sugar by your tissue and increase the body’s natural insulin response and sensitivity.


Blood Sugar Balancer #11: Huckleberry 

Proven in studies as beneficial for controlling blood sugar. In fact, one study showed that huckleberry—also referred to as bilberry—was able to slow digestion of starches, therefore lowering blood sugar.  PLUS, it may reduce the insulin response after eating a high starchy meal.

Blood Sugar Balancer #12: Vanadyl Sulfate 

Research has found this nutrient to positively impact blood sugar levels by promoting reduced insulin and fasting blood sugar levels.

Blood Sugar Balancer #13: Alpha Lipoic Acid 

A powerful antioxidant, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) works to prevent cell damage that may occur in your body.  Studies show this antioxidant may improve insulin sensitivity, therefore allowing more uptake of sugar by your cells.

Blood Sugar Balancer #14: L-Taurine  

When it comes to blood sugar maintenance, studies show that L-taurine helps by enhancing the uptake of glucose by red blood cells on the body.

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